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Inspire Your Heart with Art Day - Online Art Trail

Invitation to Participate

& How to Participate

Dear Red Thread/IC Art Sistar

Shimmer Sistars (Tania Magennis and Danie May) would like to invite you to join us in acknowledging and celebrating “Inspire Your Heart with Art Day” which occurs on the 31st of January each year.

This is a day where people are encouraged to look at the benefits art has for our heart and to appreciate art in all its forms. 

You can find out more about what this actual day is all about here: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/inspire-your-heart-with-art-day-january-31/

Knowing that not everyone can attend in person; exhibitions or classes on the day we thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to share about Intentional Creativity and the art that we all create with others through an online experience.  This gives people stuck behind their desks at work or  who are at home the chance to get some enjoyment of art on the day by giving them an opportunity to follow our online art trail event.  This also brings benefits to those who choose to join us as a exhibitor (you) by bringing new prospects to your social media pages/sites with the potential of you gaining new beloveds. 

Each exhibitor in the lead up to the event will be given an event badge to promote via their social media sites and will then be asked to have a post ready by the 31st of January (Australian EST) to go live on their social media pages preferably a blog or fb page. 

You must prior to the 25th of January (Australian EST) have provided the links to your site to us here at Shimmer Sistars. 

The trail will have a set order of sites to visit and each exhibitor can choose what it is they wish to share be it an artwork, video or article etc but it must have some relevance to how art impacts our heart.  


We will compile a full list of links on our Shimmer Sistars Website and Facebook Page showing each exhibitors, name, and social media account link or website so that people can come to the one page as the starting point and then follow the trail.  Each participant in the trail will be asked to include the next stop on the trail as part of their post along with a link back to Shimmer Sistars Page incase people get lost along the way or join in from your page first. 

A full list of all links will be sent to each exhibitor prior to the posting day so that you can follow along the trail and also promote the next stop on the trail following you in your posts. 

This really is a wonderful chance or excuse (if you need one) to work together and support each other in promoting our work and Creativity in all its forms and share the love. 

If you would like to be involved, please contact either Tania or myself via FB Messenger or email info@shimmersistars.com

We hope you will join us!

From our hearts to yours


Danie (on behalf of both Tania and myself – Shimmer Sistars)


PS.   We would also encourage you to use #InspireYourHeartWithArtDay and #Intentionalcreativity with your posts on social media.

How to Participate in the Online Art Trail for ‘Inspire Your Heart with Art Day’


  1. Decide you are going to participate in the event

  2. Share about the event on your social media accounts, include the badge (pic below) and mention the trail and that the event starts at shimmersistars.com website on 31/01/19.

  3. Work out your project/artwork/article/video/workshop for “Inspire Your Heart with Art Day’ to share and prepare it for the event.

  4. Schedule your post on your website, blog or facebook page to go live 8.00am on the 31st of January 2019.  Be sure to include in your post that you are just one stop on the trail and if the reader is wanting to follow the trail, they can start from the beginning by going to shimmersistars.com to find the full list. 

  5. Send the link address for your post featuring your project/article etc for the event by email to info@shimmersistars.com no later than the 29th of January 2019.  By us receiving your email it then provides us with your email so we can send you a copy of the full art trail list back.

  6. Look out for an email back to you on the 30th of January which will list the full art trail.  Find your link and then copy the link that is shown after your link and add this to your post mentioning to your readers that this is the next stop on the trail.

  7. Enjoy the day, promote your work, and be sure to follow along the trail and support your beloved art sistars too!