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Inspire Your Heart with Art on our
Online Art Trail

Today January 31st 2019 is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day and we are excited to be sharing the work of Intentional Creativity and Art in general with you on this day. 

We invited a few of our art sistars to join us for this event.  For each of the artists on this trail creativity is a passion gifting us the gift of transformation, connection, self expression and purpose, but at the same time it offers us so much more and in different ways.

We invite you to travel this online art trail with an open heart and mind and take a peak into our worlds and see just how Creativity speaks to our hearts and yours.

At the end of the trail we would love you to pop over to our facebook page and share with us your thoughts and any art you have created on this day.

Tania Magennis - Seer of the Heart


Louis Reed - Energy Medicine Institute


Sigrid EA - Art of Be-ing


Cynthia Harrison - Rhombus Healing Arts


Jo Laurie - Jo Laurie Healing Arts


Louise Kirby - Rivergirl Healing Arts 


Gillian Castellino - Healing Scribbles


Danie May - Blue Lotus Heartspace